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Bespoke Funerals

We offer a bespoke selection of options build around your individual needs and budget.

Bespoke Funerals

A Bespoke Funeral includes all of the Professional Services listed on our Funeral Packages page, a coffin or casket of your choice, a hearse specific to your requirements and as many limousines as you require, collection, care and preparation of the deceased, cremation fees or burial interment fee, clergy or officiant’s fee, as well as any other requests or wishes that you require to ensure that your wishes are met.

Pre-Written Funeral Ceremonies & Your Personal Eulogy

After your death your family and friends will be naturally grieving your loss and at such a difficult time they often cannot always remember all those intricate details of your life. Surely, you are best placed, with our Celebrant’s help, to draft your own Eulogy - who would best know information like where you went to school, childhood memories and important events in your life? Your Eulogy will form the very heart of your funeral ceremony and, when well drafted, should capture the very essence of you - an accurate reflection and celebration of your life.

You Choose What To Include
You choose any music you would like performed or played, any readings or poems, any religious content such as prayers or committal wording. What would you like people to wear? Would you want flowers or donations to be made to a particular charity instead?

How Does It Work?
We will meet face to face to discuss your Funeral Ceremony wishes, about your life growing up, your family and friends. We’ll then draft your Ceremony for further discussion and then make any changes you may wish to make. Once the ceremony has been agreed you will receive a copy of the full ceremony.

Ash Scattering Ceremony
The Ash Scattering Ceremony can be held most anywhere - at any special place of your choosing. Many people ask to have a few words spoken with readings or poetry which gives your family and friends the opportunity to reminisce about your lives together. This is often followed by some quiet reflection time and perhaps some fitting music for their final goodbyes. Whatever your wish, rest assured we’re always happy to help.