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Don't Forget to Tell Your Loved Ones About Your Funeral Plan

Iain MacLeod-Jones

Older people are increasingly saving their loved ones from bearing the cost of a funeral by paying in advance. But a desire not to talk about death, and in some cases dementia, means many families are left with little detail of what has been organised and paid for.

The funeral plan regulator is dealing with hundreds of cases a year, helping grieving families to trace pre-paid funerals. Meanwhile, the Alzheimer's Society says more than one million people in the UK will be living with dementia by 2021, with many facing difficulties conducting their finances successfully.

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Costs are rising but, it seems, most people are unaware of that happening and few want to think about it. A survey by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), which was set up by the pre-paid funeral industry to regulate the sector, found that only 14% of those asked could give an accurate estimate of the cost of a funeral.

The sector - serving people who wish to pay for their funeral in advance - is growing, but the FPA says one major problem is that families are unaware of the plans put in place by their late relatives. It takes on about eight to 10 cases every week, aiming to trace the details of funeral plans for grieving families.

Families who find details of a funeral plan after they have made alternative arrangements may often, but not always, be given a refund. An administration fee - which can be up to £400 - may be deducted.

So, when taking out a Funeral Plan, make sure you tell your loved ones about it! Here at Wells Funeral Services we can help you with that, ensuring that you have all the necessary details that you need to pass on to your family.

Tips when paying for a funeral in advance:

  • Tell your family about a funeral plan, or other financial plans to pay the costs on death
  • Ask questions so you and your family fully understand what is paid for and what is not covered
  • Keep the paperwork with other important documents so it is easy for your family to find
  • Do not pay for a funeral plan in cash as there is less of a record of payment
  • When moving house, inform your funeral plan provider. The cost may be different in the area you move to.

Source: BBC News