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Terminally Ill Mum Wants to be made into Firework for Funeral

Wells Funeral Services


Alejandra Solis, 38, from Bramhall, Greater Manchester, is having treatment to control her terminal cancer and while she is determined to research the latest cures and outsmart the disease, she is not shying away from the prospect of death – and has already planned her funeral which she wants to be fun and celebratory, rather than the “traditional, boring” affair.

She has even found a company that will turn her into a firework that will be launched into the sky as part of a spectacular display. 

“Funerals are usually quite morbid so I thought rather than a sad thing, I wanted mine to be a happier gathering,” she says. “I like Prosecco and I like jazz, so I am going to have a jazz band and Prosecco at my funeral.” 

And the fireworks display. “I will be the last firework which will be pink and spell out ‘ciao’,” she says. ”I thought this would be cool as I would be everywhere rather than in a graveyard.”

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