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Wells Funeral Services - About Us

Ashley Edwards, Adrian Rugman and Thomas Major believe in providing a professional and respectful funeral service. Great understanding of the needs of our clients is most important to us and we are fully aware that our clients appreciate being treated as individuals. Caring for people is what we do best, and we offer a first class service.

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Rod Major believes in providing a professional and respectful funeral service. Great understanding of the needs of our clients is most important to us and we are fully aware that our clients appreciate being treated as individuals. Caring for people is what we do best, and we offer a first class service.

We are an independent business with a flexible approach and we specialise in arranging affordable funerals, starting at just £1,767 (including disbursement costs). We will use our experience to ensure your budget is always respected. With Wells Funeral Services you can rest in the knowledge that you will receive personal attention from the owner of the business.

We have a first-class record in delivering funerals in a way that ensures that the client is happy and with no stress, just a safe professional approach. Our aim is to ensure the clients get good value for money, affordable funerals for all.

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Nicky Sutton, Celebrant
Hi, I’m Nicky Sutton. I am a Civil Celebrant in Somerset, who works with families so they are able to say goodbye to their loved one in a way that is important to them and not as tradition dictates. A life is a story to be told and a funeral or memorial should do just that, a celebration of life in a way that is important to the deceased and their family. I work closely with families and Wells Funeral Services to create a ceremony that is unique to their loved ones and includes anything that is important to them, whether that be with religion or spiritual beliefs or completely without.

I will accommodate the family’s wishes whether they wish for a ceremony at a crematorium, burial ground or a memorial service held at a venue of their choice.

My ceremonies are unique and take into account the beliefs, cherished memories, hopes and desires of everyone concerned, and not being affiliated to any religion I can officiate at either non-religious services or those where an element of religion or spirituality may be desired. Being truly independent I will not discriminate against gender, race, religion or philosophy of life.

By not having a mainstream religious funeral and using an independent celebrant you can start with a blank page. You can do anything you like. A good ceremony should be as unique as the person who has died and will paint a picture of their lives.

Non-religious funerals performed by celebrants are becoming more popular, this is because we focus on the life of the person who has died and give thanks for that life rather than focussing on their death and them moving on to an afterlife.

We will work together to bring all sorts of ingredients to the funeral. These can be music, readings, poetry, anything you wish. A good funeral should appeal to the heart, the head and the senses. You can have a themed funeral if you wish to.

Too many people feel empty and lonely after a funeral. It shouldn’t be like this; it is the final rite of passage for your loved one. You should return home feeling proud of what you achieved for them.


Theresa Trask is our Assistant Funeral Director. Teresa joined our team in August 2018 and is currently assisting in all aspects of our business. Teresa is happy to answer your questions at Wells Market every Wednesday.

Teresa is able to provide impartial guidance and useful information for anyone making funeral arrangements. She understands that losing someone can be one of life’s most difficult experiences and Wells Funeral Services are here to make this difficult time as calm and comforting as possible. Teresa believes that whilst modern times demand modern ways, our service and respect to you remain as traditional as when we began.

Teresa believes we have an important responsibility to care for our clients, not just by offering support during the funeral, but especially through the difficult days that may follow.


Roger Knight, Celebrant
My duties as a Funeral Celebrant entails me meeting with bereaved families and discussing with them the type of ceremony that they wish to take place.

In today’s society many families are not as comfortable as they once were to have a local clergy person conduct the ceremony but also do not want something like a Humanist, non religious or secular service either but, rather something in-between. That’s where I come in.

As a qualified funeral celebrant I’m very experienced in creating and delivering bespoke funeral ceremonies for bereaved families who have recently lost a loved one.

For many years, families were only offered the option of a religious funeral in a church, or the fully atheist alternative of a Humanist ceremony. I offer the option to involve your personal faith and beliefs when saying farewell; whether religious, non-religious, spiritual, or uncertain.

Today you have the choice to celebrate the life of a loved one, and mourn the passing of their spirit, in a way which is appropriate and personal to you.

As I am not affiliated to any religious order or spiritual faith, I can be all encompassing in welcoming you to plan a Final Farewell which is reflects your own lifestyle and choices. I will work closely with you and your family to help write and officiate a funeral ceremony which gives dignity and personality to the person who has passed away, and allows family and friends to grieve in a way which is right for them.

I’m passionate that the funeral should reflect the wishes and views of the deceased and their families and not those of the person conducting the ceremony. This means that I work with you and Wells Funeral Services to create something quite unique that is ‘all inclusive’ with no rules which means that we can mix up some religious or spiritual content such as Hymns and Prayers with favourite music, poetry, family stories, friends memories and really try and reflect the character of your loved one and celebrate their life on Earth.

I am entirely at ease if the family wishes me to wear religious robes for the ceremony as apart from being a qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant I am also a registered, Independent Christian Minister as well. In this role I am also currently acting as a Chaplain for a local Nursing home offering some spiritual comfort to their residents.